🏰Battle in Guardians of Arcanum (Castle & Dungeon)

On this page, you will learn how to battle in Guardians of Arcanum.

Battle in Castle

  1. Press "Battle" to move to the castle.

  2. Press "Team" to edit your team heroes.

  3. When ready, press "Battle" to start a fight.

  4. You must defeat all intruders before the castle's HP reduces to zero, or else you will lose the battle.

Challenge in Dungeon

  1. Press "Dungeon" to select a dungeon to challenge.

  1. Get different rewards(Life Spring/Gold/Moon Essence/Sun Essence) for challenging different dungeons.

  1. To edit your heroes, press the "Team" button. If you want to challenge a higher-level dungeon, press the "Challenge" button. However, be aware that if you fail the challenge, you will not receive the reward. If you prefer to raid a previously completed level, press the "Dungeon Raid" button. Keep in mind that you certainly win a specific reward based on the level you choose to raid.

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