Basic Attributes

Health: The foundation of survival. In typical gameplay, health represents the core value for the opposing camp.

Energy: Some of the character's abilities require energy to be expended for activation.

Attack: Influences the damage output of characters, including the damage dealt by certain abilities.

Defense: Influences the amount of damage a character receives.

Advanced Attributes

Health (Percentage): Increases the percentage of maximum health.

Attack (Percentage): Increases the percentage of attack damage.

Attack Speed: Affects the frequency of a character's attacks.

Attack Range: Determines the range within which a character can launch attacks.

Initial Energy: Raises the initial energy level of a character.

Energy Regeneration: The speed at which energy regenerates.

Critical Hit Chance: Influences the probability of landing a critical hit with regular attacks.

Critical Hit Damage: Increases the damage dealt when a critical hit occurs.

Evasion: The probability of a character dodging incoming attacks.

Accuracy: The probability of a character landing successful hits on enemies.

Damage Reduction: Reduces the percentage of damage taken by a character.

Lifesteal: Increases health recovery based on the percentage of damage dealt.

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